GA-216 Application and Finishing of Gypsum Panel Products

Architects and specifiers consult GA-216 to ensure proper handling and storage of wallboard on the jobsite, guide installation of gypsum boards over appropriately spaced and installed wood or steel framing, and determine when and if control joints should be used. Installers rely on the GA-216 to determine appropriate methods of installation.GA-216 guides wallboard layout, selection of fastener types, and fastener spacing for many different gypsum panel types. A new detail illustrates and clarifies existing language describing the proper placement of joints around window and door openings.

GA-216-2018 also addresses:

  • Specifications for the application of gypsum panels to flat wall insulating concrete forms (ICFs)
  • Application of single-and multi-layer gypsum panel products to wood framing members
  • Gypsum panel product application over steel framing and furring
  • Semi and solid gypsum panel products partitions
  • Gypsum panel product application over rigid plastic foam insulation
  • Application of rigid predecorated combustible panels (paneling) to gypsum substrate
  • Application of gypsum panel products to outside corners, arches, and curves

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