GA-216 Final Exam

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  1. In which I-Code is GA-216 referenced:1
  2. Screws should penetrate through steel studs a minimum of:1
  3. Wood studs must be how wide for the installation of gypsum panels:1
  4. The edge of the board is that which is:1
  5. Nails should be driven such that:1
  6. The following screws types can be used to attach gypsum panels to wood studs:1
  7. The following minimum temperature must be maintained during mechanical gypsum panel installation:1
  8. Gypsum panel joints may be no wider than:1
  9. Framing members receiving gypsum panels may be no wider than:1
  10. For single layer non-load bearing applications with nails and adhesive, screw spacing may be increased up to:1
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