Gypsumation Fall 2022



New GA FAQ Addresses Type X Gypsum Panels

Type X gypsum panels have been in the marketplace for decades and are the standard for the construction of fire rated assemblies. But what exactly constitutes a type X gypsum panel? A definition in the 2024 International Codes provides clarity.


GA Technical Documents Translated

The Gypsum Association has translated two code referenced publications into French and Spanish. One is available as a free download.
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International Wildland-Urban Interface Code

In 2018, more than 58,000 wildfires burned over 9 million acres in the United States. Read about the building code that aims to decrease loss of life and property in areas where wildland and humans intermingle.
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Video Supplements GA-231

A new video tutorial supplements GA-231-2019 Assessing Water Damage to Gypsum Board.


Quick Reference Guide on Levels of Finish

Intended as a supplement to—not a replacement for—GA-214-2021 Levels of Finish for Gypsum Panel Products, this one-page free download provides an essential overview of the five levels of finish and when and where to specify each.
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Drywall Finishing and Modular Building

When it comes to gypsum panel systems, pre-fab construction does not eliminate every problem encountered in a traditional build out. The Gypsum Association’s technical publications can help.

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